We are pleased to inform you of Missouri S&T’s partnership with Knack, a leading peer tutoring platform enabling our students to learn from one another. With Knack, students can book 1-on-1 or group tutoring sessions—both online and in person. The best part? Tutoring is completely free!

To sign up, visit the S&T Knack page and log-in with your University SSO.

Still have questions? Reach out to Chyna Howell, the Knack Program Administrator for S&T by emailing chyna.howell@mst.edu or you can visit the Student Success Center in Toomey 198.

  • What courses are available on Knack?
  • Can I work as Tutor?
  • How much are tutors paid?
  • Can I work for Knack as an International Student?
  • Academic Dishonesty and Knack

What courses are available on Knack?

Because the Student Success Center's Academic Mentoring primarily focuses on STEM-based courses, we wanted to supplement our services to be available for ALL students across ALL courses at S&T. Therefore, any course offered at S&T, including those that fall under the spectrum of Liberal Arts (Psychology, History, English, etc), can be found on Knack, as long as a Student has signed up to tutor for those courses.

Can I work as Tutor?

Yes! If you are an S&T student with at least a semester of time here, you are eligible to be a tutor on Knack in any course you've passed with at least a B. Set your own schedule and work when you want!

Ready to sign up?

  • Create your Knack Student Account
  • Navigate to the "Become a Tutor" option under your name
  • Complete the application
  • Upload your S&T Transcripts

If you are an international student, please navigate to the "Can I work for Knack as an International Student?" section.

How much are tutors paid?

Tutors work as 1099 Contractors and their pay is set by the University. 

  • Tutors are paid $15/hr per session held
  • Tutors are required to complete Peer Tutor Training before being allowed to tutor sessions. This is also paid time.
    • These trainings are as follows: 
      • Module 1: The Basics covers the role of a tutor, tutoring dos and donts, and the tutoring process.
      • Module 2: Tutoring Ethics covers a range of professional ethics topics related to peer tutoring, such as FERPA, Title IX, copyright compliance, and academic integrity.
      • Module 3: Communication covers communication styles and skills, and active listening and responding.
      • Module 4: Learning Strategies covers study skills like goal setting and planning, and time management.

Can I work for Knack as an International Student?

Please visit this link for all information regarding eligibility to work as a tutor if you are an international student.

Academic Dishonesty and Knack

The Academic Dishonesty Policy through Missouri S&T applies to Students and Tutors who use the Knack Tutoring Platform. Find more information here

In addition to the above, Knack’s Zero Tolerance Policy for Academic Misconduct can be found by navigating to: Knack Policy