Welcome, Miners!

The Student Success Center (SSC) can connect you to the campus resources necessary to help you dig deeper and finish the semester strong. Stop by for Free Coffee, Success Coaching, and/or Individualized Tutoring.

Our Student Success Coaches can also help you create a game plan for the remainder of the semester and provide tips and strategies on topics such as time management, note taking, study skills, organization, and more.

Also, the SSC provides one-on-one academic ssistance through our Individualized Tutoring Program. The tutors can walk you through problems and explain concepts without the added pressure that comes with a group setting.


Click above to answer a few questions, and the Student Success Center Staff will reach out to you with more information to address you concerns. Below you'll find some additional information about our services and our Miner Community.


LEAD Program - Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines, small group academic assistance.

Writing Center - The friendly peer writing consultants are available to help you produce your best written work, no matter your skill level or topic.

Physics Learning Center - The Physics Learning Center provides mastery learning assistance for several physics courses during scheduled afternoon and evening hours.

Our Services


Our Student Success Coaches can provide you with the tools to thrive no matter what challenges you might face. They are trained to help you with goal setting, time management, organization, study skills, and more. Because our Coaches are also students, they understand your point of view and can provide fresh, new perspectives in the areas you are struggling in. 


It's okay to ask for help! The SSC tutors work on an individualized basis to help you achieve your academic goals. These tutors can help answer your questions that you may not have felt comfortable asking in a small or large group setting, as well as provide you with skills to ace those exams and assignments. The tutoring schedules change per semester, so be sure to stay up to date. For more information on the different tutoring resources and schedules on campus, visit our tutoring page to see the Fall 2021 schedule.

Faculty Corner

‌We know the majority of our students would like to connect with faculty outside of the classroom. In fact, 92% of our incoming freshmen want that involvement. We have created a program, Faculty Corner, that invites faculty to spend some of their office hours in the SSC. This is a great opportunity to chat, connect, and ask questions. Visit the SSC at 198 Toomey Hall to learn more.

Student Success Center Upcoming Events