Fall 2020 Tutoring

The Student Success Center offers in-person, individualized tutoring for S&T students.

The following courses are available via zoom from 9am to 11am - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

Civ Eng 2200 - Statics
Civ Eng 2210 - Mechanics of Materials
Comp Sci 1972 - MATLAB
Elec Eng 2800 - Electrical Circuits
En 1600 - Intro to Tech Com
MA 3304 - Elem Diff EQ
MEch Eng 2360 - Dynamics
Mech End 2519 - Thermodynamics
Met Eng 2110 - Metallurgy for Engineers
Physics I
Physics II
Stat 3115

The following courses are available via zoom from 9:30am to 11:30am - Tuesday and Thursday:

Circuits I
College Algebra

The following courses are available via zoom on Mondays from 1pm to 3pm & Wednesdays from 1pm to 5pm:

Calculus for Engineers 1
Stat 3115
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomis
Engineering Physics 1
College Algebra
Civ Eng 2200 (Statics)
Applied Thermodynamics (ME 3521)
Machine Dynamics (ME 3313)
Mechanics and Materials (CE 2210)
Eng Mgt 4710 Quality
EE 2800 Non-believers circuits

If you are in need of our tutoring services, please sign-in to our zoom using this link: https://umsystem.zoom.us/j/95647769775?pwd=d1k5dnFuZFRRNjY1V0lLeTY3ZU5uUT09

If you require accommodations and need tutoring in a course that is not currently offered via zoom, please contact success@mst.edu for additional information.

Please realize that our tutors may have multiple people in their session that they have to assist; they will do their best to work with everyone in a timely manner.

Tutoring Schedule Fall 2020