Student Survival Camp

Come on out on October 19th and 21st for a fun event to learn about campus resources and win cool prizes!

The Student Success Center presents the S&T Survival Camp! First-year students are invited to learn about the many ways to get through the midterm season and finish the semester strong. This is a one-night event from 5-6:30 pm taking place for residents of RC, UC, and off-campus students on October 19, 2021, and for residents of TJ and Miner Suites on October 21, 2021. Play games, win prizes, and learn valuable information about succeeding in college!

There will be stations with information about campus resources and non-academic skills support. Learn how to become a better test taker, get tips on time management, and participate in an activity to improve your wellness. Students will receive free draw-string backpacks and be able to make s’mores over a campfire! In addition, some classes will be offering extra credit for attendance at the S&T Survival Camp.


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Preview Your Test: Look over each test to pace yourself, Start with easiest questions, Read test directions carefully 

During Test: Stumped? Move on and come back, Watch pacing, Don't overthink 

End of Test: Resist temptation to chance previous answer, Review, No questions left blank

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