You are halfway through your degree program at Missouri S&T. This is an exciting time for you academically and professionally as you begin to think about your future beyond Missouri S&T. Continue to make the most of your remaining time here and stay focused on what is important. Your grades, leadership experience, connections, internship experience, service learning, involvement and other areas are all important in your personal plan for success. 


  • Continue to make yourself a viable candidate for scholarship opportunities offered at Missouri S&T. Also be sure to talk to your department about available department scholarships.
  • Sign up for a LEAD session or apply to become a LEAD Peer Learning Assistant.
  • Visit the Writing Center for free individualized help with any written work, from English essays to design projects. They can offer feedback on organization, thesis statements, word choice, citations, and more.
  • Contact your Study Abroad Advisor or visit the study abroad website to learn more about study abroad opportunities.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are on track with your classes and goals for graduation.
  • Think you might be interested in graduate school? Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for more information and the degree programs available at Missouri S&T.

Campus Involvement


  • Participate in the Externship Program, a program that provides students with opportunities to gain leadership development experience in a corporate setting for 1-3 days during Spring Break.
  • Meet with a Career Opportunites & Employer Relations (COER) Advisor and attend COER workshops.
  • Become well informed about the current job market and what employers are looking for by reading articles and using the information to your advantage. 
  • Read COER's tips and utlize their templates and worksheets.
  • Update your resume. Add summer work experience, student groups, GPA, etc. Visit the COER to have someone review it.
  • Attend the fall and spring career fair.
  • Investigate and consider the Cooperative Education Program.
  • Sign up for a practice interview at the COER.
  • Start exploring these internet resources for potential career opportunities.

Service Learning/Civil Engagement

Undergraduate Research