Whether you are tackling your academic struggles or seeking ways to broaden your learning experiences at Missouri S&T, it’s our job to listen and help maximize your options.  We are dedicated to your success and want you to get the most out of your experience here. We make getting the answers to your questions easy. Below is a list of services we provide in the B&MSSC. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


The B&MSSC strives to be your one stop shop for quality customer service, information, and support. We are trained to help you get connected to all the different resources on campus. Sometimes this involves providing you with information, and other times it involves one of our Student Success Coaches walking you to other campus departments. If you have questions, we want to be the ones to help you find answers.


It's okay to ask for help! In fact, we encourage all students to ask for help as soon as they begin to struggle. The B&MSSC has partnered with the Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines (LEAD) program to ensure that you can get help when you need it. LEAD offers student-oriented learning centers throughout the day in various locations across campus, and for students who need more one-on-one attention, the B&MSSC also offers individualized tutoring sessions. The tutoring schedules change per semester, so be sure to stay up to date. For more information on the different tutoring resources and schedules on campus, visit our tutoring page.


Our Student Success Coaches can provide you with the tools to thrive no matter what challenges you might face. They are trained to help you with goal setting, time management, organization, study skills, and more. Because our Coaches are also students, they understand your point of view and can provide fresh, new perspectives in the areas you are struggling in. Our Student Success Coaches are interested in your story and want to help you stay on track. If you are interested in coaching sessions, you can stop by 198 Toomey to make an appointment or sign up online. 

Faculty Corner

We know the majority of our students would like to connect with faculty outside of the classroom. In fact, 92% of our incoming freshmen want that involvement. We have created a program, Faculty Corner, that invites faculty to spend some of their office hours in the B&MSSC. This is a great opportunity to chat, connect, and ask questions. For a list of our faculty participants and their availabilities, take a look at our Faculty Schedule


Located in 198 Toomey Hall, we offer a centralized place on campus for students to study, collaborate with classmates, or simply relax with a hot cup of coffee. The B&MSSC offers a variety of resources, free of charge to all students:

- Seven public computers

- Printer with WebPrint capability

- Mobile whiteboards

- Quiet study tables and cubicles

- Free coffee

- Office tools (staplers, three-hole punch, scissors, tape, etc.)