Internal Programs

Majors and Minors

Majors and Minors is an information fair designed to help students learn more about Missouri S&T's academic programs, including both majors and minors! Students have the opportunity to:

  • Speak with S&T faculty and students from a variety of academic departments
  • Learn the steps to change or add a major or minor
  • Find out how changing a major might impact financial assistance
  • Speak to the COER about job opportunities available for all majors

Minors in Motion

Minors in Motion is a program designed for incoming freshmen. Students interact and learn about resources that will guide them to college success. All new students are welcome to receive great inside information, refreshments, attendance prizes and interact with friends and S&T faculty/staff who care about their success.  

Sophomore Summit

Sophomore Summit is designed to help second year students navigate the next level of their college experience. At this event, we aim to impart knowledge on switching majors, securing co-ops and internships, living off campus, and much more!

S&T Trailblazers

Do you identify as a first-generation college student? If so, you're a S&T Trailblazer! Established in 2015, S&T Trailblazers is a community of first-generation students, faculty, and staff who are excited about charting a new course for themselves and their family.

This event offers you the opportunity to meet, connect, and learn from students, faculty, and staff who want to share their experiences with others. All students who identify as first-generation are welcome to receive valuable information, useful tools, food, and prizes!

Final Countdown

We know that during finals week students can feel overwhelmed or unsettled. The week before finals, we invite therapy dogs to the B&MSSC, extend our tutoring hours, offer a relaxing environment for students to de-stress, and give away prizes. Come take a study break with us as you prepare for your final exams!

External Programs


Let’s face it, applying for financial aid isn’t easy which is why the Burns & McDonnell Student Success Center and Student Financial Assistance want to help. Each year we dedicate a week to helping students complete the FAFSA, learn about scholarships, fill out verification and other forms, and grasp how to budget their money. The B&MSSC partners with SFA by bringing